Photo shoot and rehearsal update

Photo credit: Brian Allen

How many Project Thirty members does it take to set up a drum set?

This question and more was answered yesterday evening as the pthirty crew met up for the first time since the performance at Urban Lumber Company for a quick photoshoot and rehearsal (The answer is five for the record, with drummer Travis Lien still gone at work).

Losing daylight quickly, the crew completely deconstructed the recording room, moving all equipment to the backyard and set it up with some of the abandoned furniture that had been left behind the studio (which included but was not limited to a stool enshrouded in weeds, a few patio chairs and some fake plants).

Within minutes of moving the equipment however, the idea behind the promotional photo shoot morphed into something completely different.

“One of the ideas we came up with was what if we took all of the equipment that we had in the studio and piled it all up outside and made a big art piece that would be like ‘all of this is coming together to make our project,’” said Tyree Harris, rapper and keyboardist for the pthrity band, and creative director of the project. “But of course, when we actually got there and thought about doing it, we were like ‘wait, this is expensive stuff, we can’t just pile it up like it’s garbage.’”

Instead, the crew opted to set up the equipment as it would normally be played and with just enough daylight left, took the first Project Thirty band photos.

This segued nicely into band rehearsal, according to Harris.

“Rehearsal went really really well, especially towards the end. Everyone seemed to know where to go and it turned out really cool,” he said. “Right now I think we’re about five songs in, which I think is pretty much on point.”

Melissa Randel, who sings and plays synthesizer for the band, agreed.

“We’re really growing pretty rapidly right now because we just added a couple of new songs to the roster and all of a sudden it feels like we have a full body of work,” she said. “It still feels like everything is in really rough format. But the base that we have to work from is really awesome and I’m really excited about what we have going right now.”

Check back soon for more pictures and project updates.

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