Tyree Harris: The first night in the trenches

What does the first night of Project 30 look like?

It’s 2:55 a.m. at Telos Studios. I’m curled up in front of a laptop on a leather couch, drinking a sleazy-yet-delicious 7-Eleven coffee as an ineffective fan circulates miserably hot air around the room.

I’m not alone. Bassist Max Sugerman is editing our promo video for our Indiegogo. Videographer Max Barkley is putting the acoustic version of our song “Monogamous Affair” on our Soundcloud and re-optimizing our website.

Earlier today, we fully recorded a song, filmed for our video, wrote a script, recorded the voiceover, and spent way too much money at Walmart (by way too much, I mean pretty much any money spent at Walmart).

What we’ve signed up for is a month in the trenches of an innovative battleground. Someone bring us more coffee.

Welcome to our musical experiment. As the creative director and founder of Project 30, I’m crossing my fingers in hopes that this damn idea comes to fruition.

We’ve been scrambling to write scripts for videos, wrestling with calendars, choosing logos, figuring out stickers and introducing our band to each other in hopes that we’ll be ready enough to be presentable for this big day. I don’t think we can ever be prepared enough, but I do think we have a good enough sense of our timetable to make something beautiful happen.

We’re all excited and nervous about the task at hand. a 10-track album a 20-minute documentary? In 30 days? We don’t really have a model to base off, or a precedent for this project. So we’re just going to do our best to provide you with some really great content throughout our experience, and to storm up some really cool small gatherings around the city of Eugene, Ore.

It’s going to be a long ride. And It would mean the world to all of us if you would take some time to see what we’re up to.

Whether all our dreams come true, or we crash and burn into a big ball of fire, it should be pretty entertaining.

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