Two Hype Feet Feature Story

This just in. Good friend and fellow collaborator, Alex Wagner (ASW), has just posted a great article introducing the Two Hype fanbase to Project 30. Check out the article and don’t forget to follow Two Hype Feet and support grassroots music and event production. 

By Alex Wagner

“One 10-track album. One 20-minute mini-documentary. One rapidly updating website. 30 days to make it happen.

Student-owned Telos Studios and local rapper Tyree Harris are joining forces to create Project 30, an ambitious, interactive musical experience where a team of artists, filmographers and media geeks will unite to create a hip-hop/rock-n-roll CD and a mini-documentary in the span of 30 days.

This project isn’t just another mixtape or demo with peaky vocals and fuzzy drums. This is a well-developed, ongoing piece of art that the community can watch develop in front of their own eyes, contributing feedback and direction toward the end product.

While most musicians go into recluse when preparing an album, we want to interact with the people and show them every step of the way.
The highs, the lows, the “A-Ha!” moments — all of it.”

Project thirty is the example of what, I feel, needs to be happening more in the music community. Collaboration and community is what will bring us together, not the continued idea of the lone popstar making millions of dollars. In collaboration, one small idea can be stated by one, and by others transformed into a monolith of power. I happen to have the privilege of working on this project as a producer on a couple tracks, as well as vocalist, and I have to say I haven’t been more stoked to be involved in something. What does this project mean to me? It, among other collabs, means everything to me. If we as producers, groups, writers, began to team up more often, we could better speak to our peers. These sort of projects could bring forth highly beneficial awareness to a multitude of groups. These sort of projects can bring us physically closer in an era where digital disconnect is becoming more prevalent in the everyday real world.

This may not be straight up Electronic Dance Music, but I feel it can easily be extended to our community. COLLABORATE! You’d be surprised at what could come about.

More to come next monday.

Check out the P30 trailer below:
Project 30 Trailer

Check out the site at:

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