Week 1 roundup, what’s coming up next

As I sit here and try to think of a simple way to summarize the week, this is what I come up with: Whew.

The first round of all-nighters and recording software issues have already passed, and we’ve realized that it may not be possible to do everything at once (not that it will stop us from trying.)

But amongst these holdups, the progress made in only six days has surprised even us.

The Project 30 band made considerable headway in the studio, with Travis Lien tracking eight songs on drums and Tyree Harris completing half of the keyboard parts for the album.

“Really it’s been smooth sailing so far,” said engineer Chris Crude. “We’re just quickly progressing on the album.”

In between acoustic adventures on the McKenzie River and Detroit Lake, Telos Studios opened its doors for a logo release party, giving friends and colleagues  the chance to check out the studio and learn what Telos and Project 30 is all about.

While a lot has been accomplished this week, we’ve only just begun.

Up next for Week 2:

– Plenty of band practice to work on a few new tunes

– Filming more acoustic jams by the river

– Max Sugerman (bass) and James Aronoff (guitar) will head into the studio to lay down their parts for the album

Stay tuned this week for updates on the progress and adventures of our Project 30 crew, and a more in depth look at the people behind the project.

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