Album preview: ‘How I Feel’

To give a more in-depth look a the Project 30 album, Tyree Harris spoke with us about “How I Feel.”

What can you tell us about the song?

It’s about the Black experience in America, and sort of waking up in the morning and realizing,  ‘this is what I am and this is the world that is thrown at me.’ And sort of coming to terms with that. And, how I almost trick myself into embracing the idea of being Black in American and what that means. It’s kind of a progression. It starts off in the first verse like it’s a really dark, morbid place to be, and then in the second verse I talk about how those terrible moments have sort of made us some of the most preserving people in this nation. I’ve said in some ways in some other songs that I’ve written, but I haven’t actually gone in depth with these two parts of being Black in America.

So would you say this is something that you’ve written bits and pieces of before or something that you sat down and wrote recently?

Well, I had the first part, the “In the morning, already morning/ a Black man dealing with his torment/ tears in my eyes, see I’ve been crying through the night ‘cause I’m trying to describe what I live like/ I feel alone and it’s my fault” I had that part written up, it just kind of flowed and made sense to me, and then I thought about what that meant and I put it all together to be something that progresses as opposed to it being a sad, down song. Because really, it’s hard and it’s very difficult to be Black in America, but it’s not an ‘all is lost’ kind of deal because you can persevere if you do work hard and the people who do make it are very strong.

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