Tyree Harris is the rapper/lead creative director for Project 30. A production junky, Tyree spends many-a late night bashing away at his keyboard, praying that something comes of it. Needless to say, his neighbors hate him. When he’s not working on music, Tyree is also the editor-in-chief of the Oregon Daily Emerald, the student newspaper at the University of Oregon. His first album, REALmatic: An Autobiography, can be downloaded for free here.


James Aronoff is the guitarist of Project 30 and co-founder of Telos Studios. A native of Tucson, Arizona, James beganplaying guitar at age 14 during his freshman year of high school. Outside of Project 30, he is the rhythm guitarist for the Great Hiatum and an economics major at the University of Oregon.





Melissa Randelis a vocalist and synth player contributing to Project 30. She began making music early in her life, mostly with her brother. Melissa moved to Eugene, Ore. in 2009 to become a founding member of The Great Hiatum, and acquired a MicroKORG synthesizer along the way. Outside of music, Melissa is working toward her PhD in Molecular Biology at the University of Oregon.

Travis Lien has been playing drums since he was twelve, after realizing the trombone sucks. Travis and his drumming talents are involved in various local bands: including The Great Hiatum, Hamilton Beach and Falkor. When he’s is not playing drums, you can find him playing drums, or taking part in drumming. NO SLEEP.

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